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Average wait time is only 10 minutes.
No pressure & great customer service.

Complimentary Vehicle Inspection with Emissions Test!

Same local owner for over 30 years.
We establish a CARFAX maintenance history.

At Lube Doc in Orem, Utah, we offer complimentary vehicle inspections with the purchase of an Emissions test and preventative maintenance through oil changes, transmission and radiator services. These keep your car running better, longer.  We also make it easy to get your car registration done.  We can give you your decals right here, no trip to the DMV!

And rest assured, since we don’t do most repairs, your Emissions test will be fair- we want you to pass! Stop in today, no appointment necessary!



Forget waiting at the DMV. Just stop in at Lube Doc to have your vehicle registered and receive your license plate decal!

How does it work?  Lube Doc is an On The Spot authorized renewal station, allowing us to complete your registration renewal. We are authorized by the Utah Division of Motor Vehicles to renew your vehicle, give you a new decal, and a new Registration Certificate.  Get Emissions with a complimentary vehicle Inspection, and new registration all in one stop.

In fact, Lube Doc will give you a $10 off coupon for your next oil change if you just come in and register your license plate decal!  



 Oil is available in supreme oil, synthetic blend, high mileage oil, and full synthetic.


 Every oil change includes:

Check air filter
Check & fill brake fluid*
Check & fill power steering fluid*
Check & test engine coolant**
Battery tested
Fill windshield washer fluid
Vacuum interior & wipe down dashboard
Check tire pressure*

Change oil filter
Lubricate chassis
Check differential fluid*
Check transmission fluid*
Check transfer case fluid*
Check belts
Check hoses
Check wiper blades

* Up to one pint, ** Up to one quart


Please show all coupons to the cashier.


Rewards Program


  • Do I need an appointment?

    No appointment necessary.

  • If I don’t have my registration, can I still do my emissions test?

    Yes, you can.


Monday – Saturday
8am – 6pm
Sunday (Closed)
Wiper Blade Replacement

Standard Wiper Blades
These metal supported wipers come with a special coating on the blades to help repel moisture.
RainX Blades
Premium wiper blades that conform to the shape of your windshield.

Air Filter Replacement

Air filters keep dust and debris from entering your engine’s intake. If the filter is clogged, it can affect your vehicle’s performance. It can even lower your gas mileage and lessen your car’s power.

Make sure you get your air filter replaced within the recommended time, so that your vehicle can run at its peak performance.

Battery Testing

We test the Cold Cranking Amps on your battery and can install a new battery if you need. Our batteries come with a warranty and an additional pro-rated warranty.

Battery Replacement

We test the Cold Cranking Amps on your battery and can install a new battery if you need. Our batteries come with a warranty and an additional pro-rated warranty.

Transmission Services

Automatic Transmission Flush
Our Transmission Flush Machine uses 20 quarts of new fluid which meets manufacturer specs, to quickly and efficiently exchange 100% of your vehicles transmission fluid.

Automatic Transmission Pan
The transmission pan is cleaned, gasket and transmission filter are replaced, then the transmission is filled to the proper level with transmission fluid which meets manufacturer specs.

Manual Transmission
This service drains the fluid from a manual transmission, flushes 1 quart of new oil, and fills to proper level with new fluid.


Lube Doc
Reviewed from Google

4.9 out of 5 stars

Bob Jensen
Bob Jensen

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 days ago

I like Lube Doc over others because they use quality motor oils that don't have paraffin or are synthetic. My vehicles get the Mobile 1 synthetic treatment. And they can do a power flush of the transmission.

The Orem, Utah crew is fast and watch carefully for anything the vehicle needs to keep safe and extend life; like leaky gaskets and seals.

Coupons are always available, just show them on your phone. They keep good notes in their computer on each vehicle.

This type of job is usually a beginner position for high school or college kids, so, buyer beware; you need to always be vigilant in checking their work at any service establishment but I've never found any troubles here.

Nathan Weekes
Nathan Weekes

3 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

I've been loyal to LubeDoc for over 20 years with great experience until now. Last month I was told on the phone that their employees were required to wear gloves, mask and place a cover on the steering wheel for health precautions. My wife, son and I are high-risk individuals for COVID and I am very disappointed with my past experience. The person inside my car did not wear gloves or a mask or use a steering wheel cover like they promised. Upon completion of the oil change I left and later had a pleasant conversation with the manager. I expressed my appreciation for their establishment and also my concerns; he was kind. After the phone call I researched the best way to clean my steering wheel and dashboard. The Jeep dealership recommended Lexol, a car cleaner AND conditioner. I applied it to a portion of the wheel and it ate the finish (see pictures)! I contacted the Lexol company immediately and they apologized, nothing more. I know applying the soap and conditioner to my steering wheel was my choice. However, I had to take precautions to remove the possibility of contamination if the LubeDoc employee had any remnants on his hands. Had he worn gloves and applied the cover, this would not have happened. I am very frustrated and disappointed. I am now stuck with a steering wheel that cannot be restored due to the damage and cannot be replaced because it is discontinued. I would hope that with my loyalty for over two decades, LubeDoc could find a way to compensate me for this mishap and the disregard their employee made by not following the safety measures LubeDoc put in place to protect their customers and employees during this pandemic. I am still loyal to LubeDoc but am hoping to find middle ground to resolve this one mishap that has occurred. Thank you.

Rod Schiffman
Rod Schiffman

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 years ago

When I bought my 87 BMW 535is I wanted to use an oil change service. Lube Doc was the third place I tried. The first one said their insurance wouldn't cover a car like mine. The second place didn't have the special filter, and wouldn't get it. Lube Doc ran to the auto parts store and got a couple. They always kept one in stock for the next 17 years I owned the car. They are professional, friendly and do a good job. There is very little turnover in employees. They've added additional services that make sense. I've now been using them for over 25 year and been happy the entire time.

  • "I am VERY pleased to write a letter of deep appreciation to Chris and all of the guys at Lube Doc. For as long as I can remember (way over 15+ years) I have been bringing my vehicles to Lube Doc. They have treated me and my vehicles as if they were their own, which has made me consistently return for the excellent service they have to offer. Chris and the guys at Lube Doc have made me feel like family and I am sure they have treated the rest of their customers the same."

    Lura Pospical
    Salem, UT
  • "I started going to Lube Doc when I lived in Orem. I then moved to Spanish Fork and tried a few other places for my vehicle services. After trying a few different places I now drive from Spanish Fork to Lube Doc in Orem every time I need a service done on my vehicles. Their customer service, professionalism, quality of work, and price are better than any other place I have ever been."

    Travis Price
    Happy Customer
  • "Just want to say what great service I have always gotten at Lube Doc. Been with you guys for a long time and have never been disappointed in your care and attention for my vehicles. I live in Salt Lake and feel it is worth the drive down to Orem. I am confident in saying you are the best in the state."

    Brent Winslow
  • "I want to thank the Lube Doc family for taking care of my cars for over 15 years. It’s nice having the same people there year after year committed to giving me excellent and honest service. I don’t have to worry when they recommend something that my car might be needing to protect from future problems."

    Don Houskeeper GRI,CRS, E-pro
    Associate Broker
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